Driving through our neighborhood, enjoying a beautiful autumn day, there’s a feeling of serenity and peacefulness that surrounds this beautiful community that we call home.

The perfect weather and changing leaves somehow inspire an outdoor lifestyle. Families are out walking their dogs, runners are enjoying the cooler temperatures, and children are in their yards playing or riding bikes down the street.  Seeing all of you outside, reminds us that just beyond that privacy of our big, wooded homesites, there’s a community of neighbors who make living at the Estates of Chancellorsville and Mineral Springs Plantations unique.

These unspoiled communities that you call home, are also where we call home. We have lived in Fredericksburg our whole lives. Our family-owned company has been building houses since 1947 (it’s okay if you don’t do the math, we’ve been doing this for a long time). Our homeowners tell us that they love the personal approach to custom homebuilding we offer them and we believe that this sets us apart from the other builders in the area. We take pride in preserving the history and natural environment of our communities, and we strive to customize each of our house plans to meet your specific needs. We love living here and we hope you do, too.

We want to invite you all to take some time this week and go outside, enjoy the neighborhood and maybe meet a few of your neighbors, you’ll probably find that you have quite a lot in common. The land that our community is built upon is rich in history. Take a walk and explore the battlefield trials or visit some of the historical markers right along your own street. How many times have you driven past the big sign at the corner of LaRoque Run and Formation Drive without ever stopping to read it? Life is busy, but if you can, take a minute to step out into your yard and check out the changing foliage or watch a spectacular fall sunset. The colors of nature this time of the year are nothing short of miraculous.

This is your community blog. Let us know what subjects interest you that you want to read about here. We hope that this will become a place where you find community news and updates, and other information that we think you’ll find valuable.